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2009-04-14 06:52:23 by gamereality

Indeed. Music. Such a great thing, such a variable "art."

Now, I can't really talk, since most of my creations are bullshit; BUT, it's something all musicians, good or bad, know.

They say the trick to knowing the universe around you is knowing yourself. Sometimes, this applies. With music, it doesn't (at least not with me.)


Because my style is so erratic and insane that I can't even begin to understand it's ups and downs; I can only learn how to control it. Sort of like the economy nowadays, except without the screaming shareholders and greedy bank managers.

Recently, instead of just mixing 2 bar, 3 bar and 4 bar loops with simple (or not so simple) drum beats, I've been trying my best to apply a VARIED melody. I draw inspiration from all the music I listen to, and everything I come across. Sometimes melodies will pop into my head, other times I'm sitting there trying my hardest to come up with something.

My problem here is repetition; or lack thereof, in some situations. It'll either change too little, or change too much, it's either too simple, or too complex. Finding that balance is something that I believe comes with experience.

Of course, it doesn't help that I'm running on the demo version of FL Studio 8. Completing a piece of music within a day requires a tremendous amount of effort sometimes. I have become used to the non-contemporary music platform that it runs on, however, so that's fine. I have studied contemporary music, and I attend concert bands in my country.

Well, anyway... I hope anyone who sees this will find SOMETHING in my pieces to enjoy, even if it's just the silence at the start and the end of the song.


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