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The Merits of Reviews

2009-04-26 06:36:15 by gamereality

Please... The most irritating thing for a musician is to see that someone hates their work... And that they haven't bothered to review it.

Are they mute?

Are they incapable of typing?

Are they simply so dumbfounded by the song that they cannot bring themselves to press a few points?

No. There is NO reason why you can't write a review, especially if you don't like the song. We musicians want to know WHY people don't like them, so we can improve. What's the point of putting songs on a website if you don't get feedback? Rating a song and not reviewing it is akin to saying "U ROX/SUX;" which is simply not acceptable. Constructive critique is the lifeblood of all creative arts, and I would appreciate it if some people took notice of this fact. For those who rate the songs highly, reviews are welcome, but for those who rate the songs at 0/5, 1/5, 2/5 and 3/5, reviews are highly necessary.

Now, for the people that HAVE reviewed my pieces; THANK YOU. You are the ones that put time and effort into your criticism, and that's what I'm grateful for.



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2009-04-26 07:50:22

>:-C How true. It's so annoying when you got bad scores and you don't know why and what you could do better. It frustrates me but I always go one and create my own stuff in my own style.
I just say to myself: "Don't care about this people, cause they don't know how much effort you put in this piece..."
The most stupid thing is, that people who hates your work and say things like "this is shit / this sucks ..." can't do it better x(
Instead of helping others and get the chance of constructive reviews, they bother other people...