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2009-05-06 05:23:36 by gamereality





I'm amazed. In a bad way.

Six. Whole. Votes. And. Not. One. Fucking. Review.

Let's abbreviate that: SWVANOFR. Sounds like Russian. Now, I'm sitting here with my chamomile tea, a scented candle, and some incense, just to stay calm.

Maybe I overreacted slightly. Or maybe I didn't. I don't actually care.


There. Got the message?

Thank you. A simple "This was good, and this was bad" would be absolutely PERFECT.


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2009-05-06 05:29:16

I'm afraid that it's not very easy to get reviews or votes on this site. I gave you a five, hope it helps- however, if you wish for more exposure, you may want to try posting in the Audio Advertisements thread in the Audio Forum. Then, you may also consider starting to hang around the Audio Forum: this results in other artists recognizing you. which eventually leads to more exposure.

Just read the Audio Forum rules first, and you should be fine. ;D Good luck!

gamereality responds:

Thanks, I'll give it a look.


2009-05-06 07:43:22

Right got you to 3.33 and thers a review for ya =), just keep practising matey. and studying songs, not jst listening to them =) enjoy

gamereality responds:

I study songs quite rigorously, but I get scared that my songs will sound too generic, so I tend to go a bit... Crazy, sometimes. Haha. Don't worry, if I DO get FL Studio 8 full edition, since I'll be able to edit it, add to it, and take away from it over a longer period of time, the quality should (hopefully) improve. For now, I'm gonna have to stick to a "shot in the dark" approach. :(


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